You Don’t Have To Own It

We’ve talked before about the benefits of renting a private home or villa for your family vacation. Unlike hotels (where it’s nearly impossible to get connecting rooms), the whole family can be together comfortably, with space for gathering and places for alone time. Your kids can bring along a friend, or you can share with another family if you like. You have a more immersive experience because you’re enjoying the area like a local, but you still get all the conveniences and amenities of a hotel, as well as any staff you need. And best of all, even though the property feels like your house, you don’t have to own or maintain it!

When you rent a property through one of our partners, you aren’t restricted by a pre-paid membership, or competing with other families for the same properties. You aren’t confined to a gated community or resort. You aren’t obligated to keep going back to the same place—instead, you can experience someplace new every year. And aren’t fresh and exciting experiences what travel is all about? Our partner network can offer you any type of property, from a London townhouse to a Caribbean villa to a luxurious home in the Montana wilderness. You can vacation in Morocco one year, and the Hamptons the next. This variety is important not just for its own sake—we’ve also learned that the types of vacations your kids want or can take changes from year to year, as they grow and their schedules change. A vacation home that was perfect when your kids were young may not be so suitable once they’re teenagers.

Of course, if you really love a property, you can always arrange to go back. The choice is yours (and that’s the beauty of it). Check out some of the amazing places offered by our partners Wolf Worster Associates, The Best in Italy, Emirates, Connected Concierge, and Paws Up, or talk to any of our regional partners and concierges about what they can arrange. Wherever you want to go, they can find you a beautiful, private place to call home—for just as long as you like.

These properties do book up early, though, so you need to plan ahead. I always book our ski home for President’s Week a year in advance. And January is the time to start looking for a summer home. Don’t wait until they’re all gone—secure your property early, so you can relax and look forward to some quality family time.

If You Do Own It…

We have a unique opportunity for you. Wolf Worster Associates is seeking high-quality vacation homes around the world that they can add to their exclusive rental roster. They are only looking to rent a few weeks a year, and the homeowner always has the right to refuse a client or booking. They also bring in the highest security deposits for homeowners in the industry. It’s a chance for you to earn a little extra income (average rentals in 2010 have been $65,000+ USD per week) and get more use out of your property. And there’s no work involved—Wolf Worster will represent your property and handle all the details. If you’re interested, please contact Wolf today.

New Partner

Logo for Lufthansa Private Jet

Here’s another way to avoid onerous membership fees or partial-ownership commitments. Our newest partner, Lufthansa Private Jet, offers a unique, pay-as-you-go pricing system that’s set per plane, not per person. With LPJ, you can travel where you want, when you want, to over 1000 destinations throughout Europe. You get the convenience of separate customs, security and passport control, complimentary limousine service upon arrival and departure, a personal assistant to help make your transfers seamless, and more, all included in the fixed price. I’m a firm believer in the virtues of private charters—they allow for more spontaneity and let you reach your destination sooner, so you get more vacation out of your vacation. LPJ offers a level of flexibility that can’t be matched, and right now, their Winter Special (up to 20% off regular rates) makes them an even better value.

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