Winners Gallery

There’s nothing like a photograph to capture the essence of a travel experience—whether it’s a person you met who enriched your journey, a special moment you shared with your family, a unique ritual or custom, or a view that took your breath away.

Here are our favorite selections from our 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 photo contests. Thanks to everyone who contributed and made the contests such a success. your visions of the world are truly inspiring.

February 2013 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Vypin Beach by Prashanth Subramaniam
  • Curious by Michele Zousmer
  • Last Light by Prashanth Subramaniam
  • I Own the World! by Ingrid Risch-Anastasiu
  • Morning Glory by Ingrid Risch-Anastasiu
  • The Grand Canal by Doug Croft
  • I See You by Bree Renz
  • Ancient Roots by Tim Chubbs
  • Montmorency Waterfall by Gerald Boudreau

January 2013 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • The Long Walk to Södermalm by Lindsay Pond
  • Three Lakes Hike by Ingrid Anastasiu
  • South African Sunset by Doug Croft
  • Yosemite Falls at Night by Doug Croft
  • Opening by Tim Chubbs
  • Hunting for Seashells at Sunset by Florence Rolando
  • Spinning by Michele Zousmer
  • Giving Back by Tim Chubbs
  • Guatemala Girl by Michele Zousmer

December 2012 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Clearing Storm by Doug Croft
  • Geisha by Tom Jow
  • Quartier Petit Champlain by Gerald Boudreau
  • Sun Kissed by Sara Kanter
  • Le Red Sand by Virginie Bergeron
  • Reclining Buddha by Tyler Jenss
  • Young Man and Big Load by Matt Sims
  • Fisherman by Tom Jow
  • Doves Enjoying a Ride by Prashanth Subraman

November 2012 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Merced River by Doug Croft
  • Half Dome in November by Doug Croft
  • Let’s Bow Down to Nature by Prashanth Subraman
  • Colorful Alleyways by Patrick Ives
  • Teddy and Katie Holding the Louvre Pyramid by Sara Obletz
  • Happy Goat by Marcus Harmon
  • Perfect Day for Climbing by Alistair Garnett
  • Old Town by Allyson Korb
  • Man Against Bull by Timothy Leung

October 2012 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Artist Point by Laurie Strommer
  • Bike Ride Through Zion by Karen Yu
  • Seven Pools of Oheo by Katherine Higgins
  • Morning on the Eastern Slope by Doug Croft
  • Wall Street by Karen Yu
  • Aspen by Doug Croft
  • Window to a New World by Matias Pinasco; Bariloche, Argentina
  • Hedgeville by Kathy Luck
  • A Time for a Little Rest by Josee Bergeron

September 2012 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Market Day by Michele Zousmer
  • Irish Festival Tents by Brenda Austin
  • River Crossing by Doug Croft
  • Rovinj by Ellen Hall
  • Fishing for Gold by Gerald Boudreau
  • Momjan by Ellen Hall
  • Morning Light by Doug Croft
  • White Water Rafting by Bonnie Sikowitz
  • Little Market Around the Corner by Catherine Boudreau

August 2012 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Solitude by Rebecca Worple
  • Whirling Dervish by Jay Short
  • Cozumel Girl by Pamela Gottling
  • The Dancer by Nancy Nein
  • Sunset at Sand Point by Gerald Boudreau
  • Tibet Summer Palace Detail by Susan Marie Davis
  • Crossing the Sand River by Doug Croft
  • Lots of Spots by Doug Croft
  • Feeding Frenzy by Grant Olsen

July 2012 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Anja by Brenda Austin
  • Stone Bridge by Brenda Austin
  • Violet Breasted Roller in Flight by Doug Croft
  • Coliseum by Sara Schmidle
  • Contemplation by Cynthia Murray
  • King of the Beasts by Doug Croft
  • London Eye by Karen Yu
  • Basanti by Grant Olsen
  • German Cigars by Louise Meyer

June 2012 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Barefoot Run by Erin Kirkland
  • Horses of the Sea by Michele Zousmer
  • Rainbow by Gabriella Solar
  • Village Life by Doug Croft
  • Lighthouse by Sina Yiu
  • Monastery Door by Susan Davis
  • Muddy Boots by Jill Footlick
  • Mare with Foal by Michele Zousmer
  • Morning by Tom Jow

May 2012 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Tower Crane at Sunset by Jeremy Pospisil
  • Moscow Middle Man by Erich Geisler
  • Venice in the Morning Fog by Catherine Boudreau
  • Yosemite Reflection by Doug Croft
  • Umbrellas by Sarah Obletz
  • Dogwood by Doug Croft

April 2012 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • U Bien Bridge at Sunset by William Grisaitis
  • Honfleur by Sarah Obletz
  • Louvre by Sarah Obletz
  • Yosemite Valley Sunrise by Doug Croft
  • Serenity by Lauren Wagner
  • Woman Peeling Vegetables by David Taffet
  • The Last Frontier by Laura Vu
  • Pfeiffer Beach Sunset by Doug Croft

March 2012 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Swinging Bridge Over Deep Chasm by Grant Olsen
  • Hamar Beauty by Michele Zousmer
  • Marketplace by Adib Mansour
  • Camp by Allyson Korb
  • London Whee at Dusk by Sina Yiu
  • Couple by Michele Zousmer
  • Lone Land Sailer by Grant Olsen
  • Three Brothers at Dawn by Doug Croft
  • Serenity at Sunset by Ritam Bhalla

February 2012 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Monet’s Garden by Randolph Kerr
  • Young boy in fields by Michele Zousmer
  • The Sentry by Mark Kaech
  • Sunset by Tom Jow
  • Island Fashion Show by Bill Grisaitis
  • Giant Plume Cloud over Mission Peak by Sherry Wolfe
  • Horsetail Falls at Sunset by Doug Croft
  • Yosemite Falls Rainbow by Doug Croft
  • Detail Summer Palace by Susan Marie Davis

January 2012 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Magic Hour by Jill Footlick
  • Arrivederci Venizia by Gerald Boudreau
  • California Condor by Doug Croft
  • Good Day at the Market by Tom Jow
  • Kyoto Gate by Bill Sullivan
  • Market by Tom Jow
  • Long Way Down by Tom Parnell
  • Merced River by Doug Croft
  • Mom and Cubs by Marcia Goldstein

December 2011 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Gili Air Sunset by Allyson Korb
  • The Colors of India by Amber Gardiner
  • Bicycle by Allyson Korb
  • Balance by Tom Jow
  • A Call to Prayer by Amber Gardiner
  • Meat District by Samantha Bergeson
  • Bay Bridge at Night by Doug Croft
  • Casting by Tom Jow
  • Golden Gate by Doug Croft

November 2011 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Hidden Gem by Laura Vu
  • A Lion Relaxing by Gabriella Castillo
  • Dreamland by Joanna Prisco
  • Water’s Edge by Brenda Austin
  • This is even grosser than my brother by James Baxter
  • Cool Water Running by Jill Footlick
  • Lightning over Lake Powell by Tyler Jenss
  • Milky Way Over the Sierras by Doug Croft
  • Heaven by Ashley Haines

October 2011 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Monument Valley by Theresa Wrobel
  • Mykonos by Theresa Wrobel
  • Last Light on Half Dome by Doug Croft
  • Laughter by Michele Zousmer
  • Curiosity by Michele Zousmer
  • Hmong Woman by Annie Muto
  • Luquillo Beach by Micah Stone
  • Skunk Harbor by Rhonda Temple
  • Young Boy on Lake by Dr. Amber Gardiner

September 2011 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Lone Cypress by Kevin Kinnear
  • Nakupenda by Ashley Haines
  • Fort by Michelle Finkelstein
  • Manarola by Michelle Finkelstein
  • Tiger’s Nest by Karma
  • Lighthouse by Farzad Rad
  • Clouds by Doug Croft
  • Magnifique by Qasim Baig
  • Sunset over the Nile by Susan Morning

August 2011 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Fleur Rouge by Gerald Boudreau
  • Mother & Child by Michele Zousmer
  • Balance by Jay Sharma
  • Carousel Horses by Denise Kent
  • Geisha by Tom Jow
  • Timeless by James Larus
  • Sunrise at Machu Picchu by Glenn Kessler
  • Pirates, Privateers, and Freebooters by Gerald Boudreau
  • Peaceful Serenity by Lindsey Boone

July 2011 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Bald Eagle by Tom Harpootlian
  • Brother and Sister by Louise Meyer
  • Lake Louise by Doug Croft
  • Blue Mosque Reflection by Theresa Wrobel
  • The Bayron by Patrick Ives
  • Mormon Row by Ed Wegener
  • Gondolas by William Rapaport
  • The Eye by Gerald Boudreau
  • Big Sur Coastline by Doug Croft

June 2011 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Tech Meets Tradition by Michele Zousmer, Laos
  • The Color India by Michele Zousmer
  • Congregating by Tom Jow
  • Altogether Now by Leigh Everitt
  • Geisha by Tom Jow
  • Jump Shot by Sina Yiu
  • Summer in Basom Tso Lake by Dong Shang
  • The Red Earth by Jim Larus
  • Vantage Point by Steve Conway

May 2011 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Antelope Canyon by Pearl Renaker
  • Ray of Light by Pearl Renaker
  • Maui Sunset by Emily Dunnagan
  • Joy by Doug Croft
  • Prayer Time by Gene Jongsma
  • Gargoyle by Henry Shin
  • Day’s End by Sina Yiu
  • Napa Valley in Spring by Doug Croft
  • Night Lights by Elise Windmiller

April 2011 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Alpine Fairy Tale by Patrick Ives
  • Sailing into Venice by Cathy Schlecter
  • Paris in April by Aimee Froom
  • The Last Pollinator by Kate Young
  • Lijang Flowers by Lily Taffet, age 13
  • View in Northern Sierra by Damien Gang
  • Sydney Opera Turned On Its Head by Louise Meyer
  • Rickshaw Rally by Melissa West
  • Luxor Temple by Sue Morning

March 2011 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Waterfalls by Sina Yiu
  • Sculpture in the Boboli Gardens by Paul Owen
  • Morning Ride by Karen Waldauer
  • Heron by Emily Davis
  • Pure Joy by Nancy Solomon
  • The Catch by Doug Croft
  • Intensity by Segundo Mendez Acosta
  • Incredible India by Gene Jongsma
  • Tennessee Dreaming by Y. Cedeno

February 2011 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Perito Moreno Glacier by Pablo Gil-Hutton
  • Jump by Marc VanDermeer
  • Caravan by Judy Stanisavsky
  • Glacier National Park by Tom Harpootlian
  • Gardner Beach by Damien Gang
  • Thundering Falls by Patrick Ives
  • Perfect Sunset by Matias Pinasco
  • Lady by Bridge by Sina Yiu
  • Bali Bandit by Earl Cole

January 2011 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Mount Elbrus by Rouben Iabloukov
  • Mud Pie by Katherine Weikel
  • San Diego Sunset by Elizabeth Morris
  • Neuschwanstein Castle by Steve Runfeldt
  • Admiring the view too… by Steve Conway
  • Gondolier by Cathy Schlecter
  • Manarola by Steve Agelopoulos
  • Drinking from the Roman Aqueducts by Tracey Millham
  • Olives by Diana Stone

December 2010 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Road to Denali by Laura Vu
  • Polar Bear in Churchill by Marcia Goldstein
  • Mother and Baby in Central Tibet by Matt Sims
  • Quebec in Blue by Gerald Boudreau
  • Selling Flowers by Jonathan McCollum
  • Noodles! by Jordan Taffet, Age 16

November 2010 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Prayer Flags at Boudinath by Matt Sims
  • Dazu Rock Carvings by Dong Shang
  • Poker Face by Ben Tang
  • Boy at Nam Tso by Matt Sims
  • Sam’s Rainbow by Dru Quarles
  • Mustangs in Winter by Timothy Leung

October 2010 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Rice Field by Dong Shang
  • Up a Tree by Doug Croft
  • Man on a Lake by David Taffet
  • Natural Bridge by Karen Stannard
  • Palouse Havest by Laura Vu

September 2010 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Khenchen On the Alter of the World by Brooke representing Mosaic Outreach
  • Cheetah by Tom Jow
  • Hmong Girl sitting at the market by Annie Muto
  • Halong Bay Sunset by Annie Muto
  • After Work Activities by Trent Johnson
  • Paradise by Elizabeth Morris

August 2010 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • In synch by Kristy Walker
  • Summer Days by Glenn Landauer
  • Back Flip by Glenn Landauer
  • Forbidden City Detail by Susan Davis
  • Graceful Dancer by Susan Davis
  • Love Among the Ruins by Bree Renz

July 2010 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Ionian Sunset by Mark Brignone
  • Vaucluse Cliffs by Diane Matlack
  • Balinese Dancers by Marianne Thomas
  • Sunday’s Child by Diane Matlack
  • Ionian Blues by Mark Brignone
  • Varenna by Mark Alexander

June 2010 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Lighthouse by Fernando Chavez
  • Fushimi Shrine by Ellen Hall
  • Grand Canyon Sunrise by Fernando Chavez
  • Angkor Wat by Tom Jow
  • Hakone Open-Air Museum by Ellen Hall
  • Gondola Detail by Tom Jow

May 2010 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Little Swan—Through the Tree Leaves by Dave P. Ohmer
  • Lake of Dreams by Bree Renz
  • Matty and the Masters by Seve Runfeldt
  • Suzhou Bridge by Mark McCauley
  • Machu Picchu by Kevin Tran
  • Old Spanish Fort by Bruce Fuller

April 2010 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Grand Canal by Tom Jow
  • St. Peter’s Basilica by Tom Jow
  • Xi’an Horses by Susan Davis
  • Flower Hmong Mother & Daughters by Ellen Hall
  • Red Dao Boy by Ellen Hall
  • Blue Lily by Bree Renz

March 2010 Winners (Click images for larger version)

  • Umbrellas by Tom Jow
  • River Boats by Mark McCauley; Suzhou, China
  • Halong Bay by Tom Jow
  • Balinese Fisherwoman by Marianne Thomas; Bali, Indonesia
  • Hummingbirds by Kristie Walker; Chaska, Minnesota
  • Water Droplets by Michael Steinberg