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Parents and kids bonding through the shared experience of an African safari; multiple generations chartering a yacht in the Greek isles; several families renting a villa in Tuscany…these are just a few of the faces of “family travel.” In fact, there are as many different types of family travel as there are different types of families and destinations. From a cycling trip through Sicily with college-age children, to an aunt introducing her niece to the joys of shopping in Manhattan, to grandparents taking their grandchildren on their first Grand Tour, the possibilities are limitless—and so are the opportunities to make life-long memories.

Of course, accommodating different age groups and areas of interest can be a challenge, but that’s where My Little Swans really shines. I’ve been traveling with my own children for 16 years, ever since my oldest was an infant. I’ve learned how to keep kids motivated and engaged while on the road, and how to plan the right mix of sightseeing and play time. I’ve traveled with toddlers, tweens and teenagers, on trips ranging from a weekend in Paris to a journey through China. And I’ve had the help of savvy travel professionals, who arranged fun, interesting activities like calligraphy classes or polo lessons that let my kids really immerse themselves in the local culture. MLS brings all of this expertise together. We’ve established connections with the world’s best regional partners to make sure our trips are smooth, memorable and offer something for everyone. Few travel services really understand how to do high-end family travel well—especially global travel—but our trips work because we have the right experience and the right network of trusted partners.

Now if we can turn family travels into marvelous experiences, imagine what we can do for other types of trips. When our members want to travel as a couple or with a group of their adult friends, our partners can be relied upon to deliver a special holiday. Besides our family excursions, Terry and I have done quite a bit of travel on our own. Over the years, the two of us have taken some wonderful trips to Russia, the Greek Islands, the Seychelles, Bordeaux, Dubai, Venice and Brazil. These adventures have allowed us to share quality time together doing the things that our children may not enjoy as much, like pursuing our passion for art, taking a wine tour, or spending a few days at a spa. MLS can help you plan getaways with your friends, too—maybe a galleries-and-shopping weekend in Los Angeles with the girls, or a guys’ fishing trip on the Kootenai River in Montana. I can personally vouch for our partners’ ability to create unique, well-crafted itineraries for groups of any age and size, whether you’re looking for high culture, mild adventure or just a relaxing getaway. Go ahead and dream it—then let’s start planning!

New Partner

The best trips are the ones where you follow your passions. If you’re passionate about cycling, hiking or other outdoor sports, our newest partner is right up your alley.

Logo for Backroads Backroads is unequaled at designing trips that blend invigorating activities with rich cultural experiences. Imagine discovering the world’s most scenic routes at your own pace, stopping along the way to explore towns and meet the locals, then ending the day with a well-earned gourmet meal and an elegant stay at a château or mountain lodge. Backroads can create an itinerary for any level of ability—they’re especially good at family adventures. And whether you want to visit medieval castles, taste wines, or spot wildlife, they’ll put you in the company of talented guides and regional experts who will make your journey truly exceptional.

New Destination

We’ve been focusing a lot on South America lately. Not only does it offer everything a traveler could want—cosmopolitan cities, pristine beaches, glaciers, jungles—it’s relatively affordable and easy to get to from North America (very little jet lag too). Our newest South America destination is Peru, home of the mysterious ancient wonder, Machu Picchu, which has some of the most exciting hiking in the world. Talk about variety—along with pre-Columbian ruins, Peru offers lovely Colonial buildings, avant-garde restaurants, fascinating local cultures, colorful festivals, stark desert landscapes, and rainforests teeming with wildlife. Our Peru pages are based on the personal expertise of our South America partner, Blue Parallel, and the My Little Swans team. I’m traveling there myself today with my husband and sons, and will be adding my own experiences to the site once we get back. To get us in the Latin American mood, Blue Parallel recommended the books “Lost City of the Incas” by Hiram Bingham, “The Inca Trail, Cusco & Machu Picchu” by Richard Danbury, “Lima: A Cultural History” by James Higgins, and the movie “Motorcycle Diaries.” Great finds!

Photo Contest

There are only two months left in our contest, so enter now for a chance to win a new Apple iPad2. We’re accepting submissions up until May 31, 2011—monthly winners will have their photos showcased on our site and are automatically entered in the prize drawing. To see February’s winning photos, visit the Photo Contest page on My Little Swans. March’s winners will be posted mid-April.

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