Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance offers peace of mind by covering some of the risks of travel. When one purchases a package through a company specializing in consumer travel, you are automatically offered Travel Insurance. These travel suppliers have policies that cover the basic needs of the traveler. Some vendors offer policies to cancel for any reason. Others offer cancellation for medical reasons only.

If your tour company does not offer travel insurance or if you are booking your trip directly and it includes airline, a prepaid or non-cancellable hotel, we strongly recommend the purchase of insurance from a third party. The reason we mention, "strongly recommend" is that is very hard to predict if an elderly parent or a young child may have the flu at the time of the trip. Instead of taking the loss of all the pre-paid components, you can submit a claim to your Travel Insurance Company. In this case you will have to go to a third party insurance company. All companies will offer a comprehensive plan plus some optional coverage. We have listed below the four largest Travel Insurance Companies.

American Express Travel Insurance
Tel: 800 228 6855

Travel Guard
Tel: 800 826 4919

Allianz Travel Insurance
Tel: 800 284 8300

Tel: 800 228 9792

Coverage may vary by Insurance Company, please verify the points your Certificate of Insurance/Policy includes. We cannot guarantee that the covered points below are included in your policy. Most travel insurance covers the following basic points:

Emergency Medical only covers medical emergencies incurred while traveling. The policy will have clauses/restrictions about pre-existing conditions.

Evacuation Insurance covers the cost of getting you to a place where you can receive medical treatment in the event of an emergency. Sometimes this coverage will get you home after a medical emergency. Most of the time it will just get you to the nearest hospital. Some insurance companies cover the cost of a hospital companion. You must check with insurance carrier prior to purchasing.

Keep in mind that you will not be covered by your policy if you are involved in an activity your insurer considers dangerous (bungee jumping, skydiving, scuba diving, skiing, etc). Some companies sell supplementary adventure sports coverage.

Baggage Loss protection for damaged, lost or stolen baggage, including those checked-in and carried-on is usually part of the comprehensive insurance plan.

Baggage Delay covers necessary replacement items after a baggage delay. This coverage can not be purchased individually, it is usually included in a comprehensive plan.

Pre-existing Condition is any condition (injury or illness) which causes you to have medications adjusted, exhibit symptoms, or seek treatment during the 60 days prior to and including the date your insurance coverage goes into effect. If you already have a medical condition but is controlled and stable throughout that 60 day period (that is if you don't need to change your medication, treat or have symptoms), it is not considered pre-existing condition. If your condition is related to Pregnancy, refer to your policy for additional details. All travel protection plan contains restriction and limitations.

Air flight Insurance covers accidental loss of life and serious injuries.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption covers nonrefundable costs if a trip is cancelled or interrupted due to a covered reason.

Collision coverage for rental cars may be included in some comprehensive insurance plans or available as an upgrade. Certain countries such as Italy, car insurance is not a choice. It must be purchased. Check with your insurance company for the inclusions.

Trip Delay covers the cost of hotel accommodations and other necessary expenses for up to x-days if a flight is delayed or cancelled or if the traveler misses a connection. Usually this is also included in the comprehensive insurance policy. Check with your insurance supplier about the applicable inclusions.

Travel Warnings. Check the US State Department website ( ) for travel warnings because medical, cancellation insurance is not covered if the country you are traveling is on the warning list.