Concierge Services

Once your hotel reservations are confirmed, call your hotel concierge if you need additional local services. He can make reservations to that new restaurant that has been getting rave reviews.

All high-end hotels offer Concierge Services. These professionals take pride in offering the best their city has to offer and making sure hotel guest have a satisfying experience.

Concierges can make wonderful in-room surprises come true. Have your suite filled with 10 dozen roses, or present that scarf your partner has been looking for, wrapped with a Happy Birthday motif. Get those tickets to the special play your family has been waiting to see – you can even have your room decorated with the theme of the play.

Think ahead. Last-minute requests are often impossible, especially when they’re out of the ordinary; however, a good concierge will give it a try. Keep in mind that this request will usually be arranged at a premium cost. Concierges assume that hotel guests have the funds and are willing to pay for whatever they request. If you’re not sure about the cost of your request, ask for a quote in advance.

Always remember the name of the person(s) assisting you.

Avoid meeting the concierge after breakfast and before dinner – these are their busiest times. If this is the only free time you have, hand them a very specific and detailed note with your request and the best time to contact you with a reply.

When making requests from a concierge, be specific. Instead of requesting the best pub in London, mention that you would like to mingle with locals, or with a young, hip crowd; you want a very British setting or modern décor; you’re a looking for local pub food or exotic drinks. This will help the concierge target your experience.

Concierges are professionals who deserve respect – never request anything illegal.

If you are moving to another hotel, ask the concierge to put you in contact with the concierge at the new accommodation.