Hassle Free Travel

Here are some tidbits to help make your travel flow according to plan.

Arrive 3 hours before departure for your international flights. Arriving at the last minute may mean the loss of your seat or cause your luggage to miss the flight. After checking in, you may have some time to kill, but that’s what the airline first-class lounge is for!

Review all your planned sightseeing at the time the reservations are made – then, check the itinerary again at least a week before departure, to allow for any necessary changes.

Many venues have entrance fees that aren’t covered in the cost of the guide fees. When sightseeing is booked with our partners, all the fees will be included.

Flexibility is a must. No matter how far in advance you plan to visit a certain location, the local government or managing office may change their hours of operation. In this case (which doesn’t happen often), your guide will offer an alternative arrangement.

Planning ahead and pre-booking will help make your trip go smoothly and allow you to relax once you’re underway. Keep in mind that any additional expenses incurred due to last-minute changes, delay or cancellation of any flights, or other unforeseen events will be the responsibility of the traveler.

Pack at least 24 hours prior to departure. Then enjoy yourself – don’t scramble before your flight or rush your last night abroad.