Pre-booked Travel

Having all your transportation, accommodations, and sightseeing booked in advance means you’re free to relax and enjoy your trip. However, be aware that pre-booked travel does not include:

• The cost of obtaining passports or visas
• Required vaccinations or other health precautions
• International or internal airfare (unless confirmed in advance)
• Excess baggage
• Shipping charges
• Storage of excess baggage
• Gratuities
• Airport departure taxes

Usually, pre-booked sightseeing services are non-refundable – check with your agent at the time of booking. If changes are made to a pre-booked itinerary, there will be additional cost. Keep in mind that rates can change to reflect the fluctuation in foreign exchange markets. While on an outing with your guide, you are not obligated to invite him to join your party. If you invite him, your guide is your guest, and you are responsible for the cost of his meal.